Read Before Playing!

Online Logging Forms

Use this online tool to record your experiences with the game you’ve chosen. This is an exercise in guided, reflective play: it is different from the kind of gaming you might do in your free time and has more in common with how you might study a novel or movie for other classes. The online form is structured to help you organize and reflect upon your experiences, making it easier for you curate and analyze these experiences later.

In the field notes you begin: 

i) highlighting key commonalities and differences between what you’ve noted throughout your play session/s; 

ii) honing in on certain details about the game (a scene, a mechanic, a character) that you want to focus on in your research synthesis; and 

iii) identifying specific concepts and readings from our course syllabus (or outside it) that will help support your analysis (where possible).

Session Footnotes

The end result of this exercise is a set of fieldnotes (with images) from each of the three sessions below, and a summative synthesis of your analytical observations from all three sessions drawn together into a critical analysis of the game. 

The goal of this assignment is not a review of the game, or a statement about what you liked or did not like about it: it is an empirically-driven, theoretically-grounded analysis of the game based solidly on evidence documented in your fieldnotes, including, but not limited to, how that game represents gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, class, and/or violence, and if and where possible, what “learning” the game depends on and/or develops. No more than 1000 words

Game Form I

Session 1: Before Playing
15 - 20 minutes

Game Form II

Session 2: Solo Playthrough
45 - 60 minutes

Case Study

Analytical and Summative “case study”
1000 words

Game Form III

Session 3: Video observation
45 - 60 minutes